We will conduct presale in two rounds. Discount offers will decrease in next round with different discount offers under different tiers. There are 6 tiers for round 1 presale. You can participate for any amount of TRON (TRX) and get upto 60% bonus.

You can participate in Telegram group using GoSeeditBot or send TRX on below prasale address and we will send back respective quantity of DEP Token (Token ID = 1001909) according to tier in which your TRX amount will fall within 24 hours.

ICO price of DEP token is 0.01 TRX or 100 DEP = 1 TRX. As long as presale round 1 continue, you will get extra bonus every time you make participation.

DEP Calculator

This calculator is live. It will display how many DEP token you will get including Bonus according to TRX amount and its belonging tier bonus.

You will get

1300000 DEP

including 30 % Presale Bonus

Bonus Details

2.5k- <10k TRX 20% Bonus
10- <25K TRX 30% Bonus
25- <50K TRX 40% Bonus
50- <100K TRX 50% Bonus
100-<250K TRX 55% Bonus
250-500K TRX 60% Bonus

Risk Warning : Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. DEP will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.
DEP token will not be refunded once the participation is made.

buy DEP for tRX

QR code

Send Tron (TRX) to below address or scan the QR code.

We will send you back DEP within 24 hours after participation.

Bonus will depend upon tier in which your participation TRX quantity will fall.

1. For 2500 to 9,999 TRX :- 20% extra Bonus
2. For 10,000 to 24,999 TRX:- 30% extra Bonus
3. For 25,000 to 49,999 TRX:- 40% extra Bonus
4. For 50000 to 99999 TRX:- 50% extra Bonus
5. For 100,000 to 249,999 TRX:- 55% extra Bonus
6. For 250,000 to 500,000+ TRX :- 60% extra Bonus

NOTE:-. Do not send TRX from Exchange website otherwise your DEP token will be lost.


Now you can buy DEP token by paying in BTC or ALTCOINS.
You have to go through two very easy process to buy DEP token.

1. We will send DEP within 24 hours.
2. Please send only given coin/token on respective address, otherwise your coin/token will be lost.
3. Do not send us other tokens otherwise that will be lost.
4. Please do not submit exchange's TRX address otherwise DEP Token will be lost. If you don't have TRX address ,click here to create.

1). In which currency you want to pay for buying DEP token, send it to the same currency address given below.
Ex:- for ETH, send ETH to given below ETH address. For BTC, send BTC to below BTC address
2). If you have sent the BTC OR ALTCOIN, fill out the below google form.
Number of DEP token you will receive will be calculated based on price of that currency on Coinmarketcap. When we will receive it an extra bonus will be given according to equivalent TRX of your currency and its amount.

Select any currency from given list



Scroll down to see the list of accepted cryptocurrencies : -

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Fill out the BELOW Form after sending BTC OR ALT