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We are going to build a platform for e-Learning community.

Our main objective is to develop a simple,better and efficient platform for e-learning community, that has payment system in cryptocurrency (DEP Token) in order to make payment decentralized and transparent.

As we know E-learning community is flourishing these days very rapidly. E-learning is such a platform where you get almost all the courses of the world in one click, at one place for which you do not even have to go anywhere as in the traditional learning system. Along with that, you cannot find all the courses at one place in the Traditional Learning System. For each and every different course, you must go to different places.
So, most of today's youth like to learn through e-learning but as we have studied from childhood till today in pen and paper mode with a teacher in front of us having a chalk or duster in his/her hand we are afraid to trust on this. It is said that without giving a try you cannot judge anyone.
We have so much confidence in this thing that we trust the teacher standing in front of us, or the Institute / University we are studying, having a big reputation in the society but not on that tutor who is teaching online. No doubt that the past record of those institutes are quite good and they must be having a better technique to teach but a chance must be given to e-learning. We have trust on those institutes they won’t hire a wrong teacher but this is also true that a single thing cannot work on everyone.
Think for a while that what worked for one or two student won’t work for the whole class. If it happened then all the students should be on the top in every institute. But we all know there is nothing like this. Every body is unique in its own way. The power of understanding as well as power of capturing things in mind works differently for student. In classroom type of education you are forced to learn that thing in that particular time only but here in E- learning it’s completely up to you. When you feel to do so you can go on.
You know what learning according to your will is better than learning under pressure. So the final decision is up to you. After all you are the master of your future. We can only show you the correct path. You are the only one to decide whether to move or not on it. Therefore, DEP Foundation is going to build an e-learning-platform where you do not have to face all these troubles and where you will be able to trust as you do in the traditional system. After all we are here to make you learn more efficiently than the traditional system.

Along with e-Learning community, a very vast community of cryptocurrencies will also meet with e-Learning community on DEP Foundation platform together. Thereby, both communities can get more exposure.

How Will DEP Foundation Work?

Foundation of any educational institution is its teachers. Similarly Dep Foundation also focusses on the quality of its teachers.
On our platform there will be mainly 2 types of teachers, contract-based and freelance.

For Contract Based Teachers: - To do the quality tests of teachers, they must have to go through a verification test whose verifier will be the moderator of the platform. When their verification will be tested, they will be given a reputation tag.To make the verification process easier and avoid fraudulent they have to pay fees to apply for verification. When their verification will be completed if they are found correct then their verification fee will be returned to them but if they are found guilty then their fee will not be returned.

There will be no contract of money with them. Whatever the revenue will come from their content 70% of them will be given to them. All types of new contract based content creator will be free for users/student in the beginning until and unless the students start believing in them. During that period, total revenue generated by that course will be paid by foundation. Contract can be of two types.

A. Contract Of Time: In this type of contract , they can not leave the platform before a certain threshold. It can be quarterly or annually . They can write a book , create new questions for test , Attain lecture , research , make video tutorial /lecture , demo class etc according to their respective subjects or intrest .

B. Contract Of Work: In this type of contract , they can not leave the platform before finishing their project/task. It can be a contract for any special course , test series , video lecture of any subject or chapter , book writing ,article, research .

We can not disclose what kind of special contract conditions foundation will have with them right now.To avoid IDEA's theft, the foundation will disclose it after the platform is released.

For Freelance Based Teachers:- There will be teachers in this category who want to publish some courses on the platform , they will be linked to another organization.They will need a lot of money in the immediate future, so they will want to publish some courses.They will want to test the platform at the beginning.
They will not have to go through any verification process.Their course will be immediately published on the platform. As we wont do their quality test so any amount of revenue from their course will be payable after some time.When the user's review and rating will be convinced that it is a quality content and there is no misleading in it.Then 70% of their revenues will be given to them.If there is any type of fraud found in that content then they will not be given any kind of revenues. 90% of that course fee will be refunded to the users. Even some other types of restraints will be imposed on that creators which we will disclose later.

How Rating And Reviews Will Work?
Users may rate and give their opinion about the content , that how effective is the content. Those content have more votes and have more effective review will be more promoted. Reviews will decide whether content will promoted , demoted or removed. Content creator can also claim that given review by user/users are fake. In that case , an administrator will check whether counter claim by creator is right or wrong. If their counter claim will be right , that user have to pay a certain compensation or will banned . If their counter claim will be false , the content creator has to pay a certain amount of compensation to that user.

By voting and giving reviews , user will gain xp and reward . weightage of reviews of user having higher xp will be more as well as reward.More votes and more good reviews on the contents of content creator will leads to gain them experience level . A user can easily verify that a higher XP level content creator can have better content.

A user can join a course or subscribe to any content by paying prescribed fee. There will be a test after every course and users will be rewarded on basis of their performance.

We will also keep a separate type of reward program to motivate our users , creators, and administrator. Within 3 categories, some people will be selected from each category in the end of every month. Top student of each course will be selected and they will be given a medal to be on the top and some prize money will also be given that will depend on the weight of that course.

Similarly, the best content creator of that month will be selected. They will be given a medal for being the best and prize money will be distributed to motivate them which will depend upon weight of the respective course. Similarly the best administrator will be rewarded.

As we are giving 70% revenues to the creators so we have 30% of the total revenues remaining.
For the time being, the contract based content creator's course will remain free for users. Whatever the revenues would be, the foundation would pay.

Foundation will pay all the following given below.Whose creator will be contracted with the foundation, either on one time fixed payment or on number of user who uses it, on that basis. Many courses on the platform will be free for the user. We will bring some test series. No charge will be taken from the user. Some classes will be of social awareness as well as technology and blockchain awareness which will be free for the user. There will be some knowledgeable books or papers that can increase the user's knowledge which will also be free for the users. There will be a lot of other things which we can not disclose right now. For all these payments, the Foundation has kept 10% of the total token reserve. Along with that, the Foundation has kept 5% of the total token reserved for the reward of user's rating and reward . For administrators and team members, the foundation has kept 10% of total token reserve from which core team members can not use their part before 2023.

Apart from this, the foundation has done distribution of the remaining tokens in this way.
10% - Content Creator
5% - Bonus Fund
5% - Bounties & Voting Reward
10% - Project Team
5% - Partners And Advisors
40% - Core Phase Of Tokens Sale
25% - Frozen

The Foundation will use frozen token in such a way.
2% - Bounty & Overhead
29% - Gift Code Inventory
12% - IT Infrastructure
4% - Legal & Financial Overhead
53% - Branding And Marketing.

The Foundation has prepared a roadmap. The development of platform will complete something like this.
In April 2019 - Beginning Of ICO Token Sale
In May 2019 - 1st Round Of Presale
In June 2019 - 2nd Round Of Presale
In July 2019 - Partnership With Other Projects
In August 2019 - Our team set-up and Commercial Preparation/> In September 2019 - Launch Of Beta Version 1.0
In October 2019 - Priority Opening For Token Holder
In November 209 - Launch Of Beta Version 1.1
In December 2019 - Partnership For The Future Eco-System (With Content Creator)
In January 2020 - Distribution Of Free Coupon To Early Investors
In March 2020 - Launch Of The DEP Platform

If we move according to schedule.then we will release the beta project in Q3 of 2020 which will be a online test series. On DEP paltform, All kind of payment will be in DEP Token only.

Benefits Of Holders:- Foundation will distribute 10% of total content revenue and 50% of total additional revenue among DEP holders.

We have come up with an idea that we will bring discount offers for every holder for each course.
DEP Token ICO Price:- 100 DEP Token = 1 TRX

Risk Warning : Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. DEP Foundation will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

DEP Token Will Be In-Platform Currency

We will develop a platform for e-Learning where all kinds of payment will be in DEP token like revenue generated by creator, fee paid by user, reward earned etc. We are using DEP to avoid time delay in payment and higher transaction fee.

Making Special Plans For Early Investors

The biggest contribution to the formation of the DEP platform is of early investors.Therefore, keeping in interest of their profits and contribution, foundation will bring special beneficial programs as well as discount in courses over time for them.

Connecting Two Communities Together

Both cryptocurrency and e-Learning have vast community as well as high potential, so we will connect them on DEP platform. By connecting both the communities with each other, the growth and benefit of both of them will be more and rapid.

Making A Connection Between User & Creator

On DEP platform, there will be two kind of users, creator and learner. DEP foundation will give them a reputation on the basis of their quality and performance. Promotion of content will be according to reviews by user along with reputation of creator. Those users having higher reputation will get high reward and will have high weightage of their review.

Vast Range Of Online Courses

Our main objective is to provide vast range for one type of course and many kind of courses to the learner. Therefore,DEP foundation will bring two type of content creator,
1. Freelance Content Creator
2. Contract Content Creator

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit about DEP, DEP Token, DEP Foundation. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with team using social media.

What is decentralized education?

Decentralized education is defined as the transfer of decision-making to the users. Here creator and learner will have the power to decide their subject of content and charge for the content. Quality of content will be judged by the opinion of learner. Foundation will act as medium and escrow between users, and will provide platform and database for the content.

What will be the different being decentralized?

Creator's payment will not be fixed but will be given according to the revenue from their content. Foundation has no right to promote or demonte any user, that will only be based on reviews. Hence there will no chance of monopoly. That's why, rating and review are valuable and has some point, which will be redeemable.

What will be the benifit of decentralized education?

Decentralized education have the advantage that all content creators will have equal right and opportunities. As foundation will act as escrow medium between Creator and Learner, so there will be less chance of fraud and misleading content.

How long it will take the platform to be fully functionally open for users?

As this is a huge project and its development can take a lot of time, Foundation will initiate development in Q3 of 2019. Firstly foundation will release its basic version and will upgrade it according to funding.

How will user earn?

Creator can earn from their content, learner can earn by rating and reviews. Also we have incentive programs for user, which is mentioned in whitepaper/litepaper.

Why invest in DEP?

Foundation's vision is to educate the whole world through DEP platform. So by contributing in the development of platform, you could be a part of revolutionary change.

What is the benefit of early investors?

Early investors are soul of the platform, so foundation have decided to return their 100% investment in DEP, as a thank you gesture. To know more about it in detail, please follow whitepaper/litepaper's revenue distribution section.

What is the benefit of DEP Token holders?

By holding DEP token, you will be the part of destribution of holders pool, which will be 50% of total benefit of the foundation. To know more about it in detail, please follow whitepaper/litepaper's revenue distribution section.

What is the return back policy of early investor?

Foundation will return back 100% investment of investors which will be in equivalent amount of DEP in USD at the time of snapshot. To know more about it in detail, please follow whitepaper/litepaper's revenue distribution section.

What will Foundation do with unsold tokens?

ICO sale wil continue till 9 January 2020 and after that sale will be closed. According to the planing so far, the remaining unsold token will be burnt.But in view of the profit of investors and platform , it can also be changed.

How many Tokens will be owned by the Foundation & Founders?

10% of total token supply has been kept for all the team members involved in DEP project including founders , which will be frozen till 2022.

Why 100 Billions supply?

Small supply may cause problem in small payments when exchange rate will increase. E-learning community is vast in size, and almost every payment will not be large on the DEP platform.

What will be the use case of DEP Token?

DEP will be used as in-platform currency on DEP platform. Only DEP Token will be used for every kind of payment.

What is content creator?

Content creator can be anyone, who want to work for the platform and provide their content to learner. They can either work under contract or freelance way.

Why will content creators work for DEP?

They will either upload their content to earn money or get promotion on the platform. They will get paid based on revenue generated by their content.

How will DEP identify the quality of content creator?

Foundation have no rights to decide the quality of the creator, that will only be based on learner's opinion. But if a creator want to work for platform under contract and want its extra promotional benefits, they will have to pass under verification process. For more follow whitepaper.

What will be the procedure of promotion of contents?

Promotion of content will be based on reviews but foundation may promote more, if creator will be willing to pay promotional fee.

Why learner will choose DEP Foundation for e-Learning?

Learner's are valuable for the foundation and so their reviews and ratings. So foundation will provide them content at minimum price as well as protect them from misleading contents. Also their opinion will get them some reward. There will also be incentive program to motivate them.

What is the benefit of learner?

Foundation will ensure their protection along with provide them best content for less price. They can earn prize money by participating in bounty program as well as by voting and reviews.

What if learner will got scammed by fraud creator/instructor?

If they subscribe a misleading or fraud content by paying the fees that is prescribed then foundation will act as escrow between creator and learner and learner will get their refund.

How will a learner join for DEP's content?

Many content will be free for every learner, but in some cases or some other type of content, they will have to pay prescribed fee in DEP token for the content.

How will DEP Foundation fuel the platform?

50% of total profit of the platform excluding payment of creators will be used for the maintanance of the platform and other development.

How will DEP Foundation moderate the ecosystem?

DEP's moderator will moderate the platform based on opinion of users, also they will check the verification of contract-based creators.

How will DEP Foundation attract user to the platform?

Foundation will provide many content and some other free demo course to new learners as well as we have referal program for users by which they can earn by inviting others.

How will DEP Foundation promote about platform globally?

Foundation will sponsor public education activities over globe, also by partnership with other educational institution and by providing them free material for their students.

If you want an answer to any other question then feel free to email us or connect us on Telegram .

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